Midwife Tip: 5 Healthy Benefits of Playing Table Tennis

You need to have a pastime activity away from your normal daily routine. It not only gives you the chance to unwind but also allows both the body and mind to relax. It could be games like table tennis or listening to music or going to a gym among others. What you need to understand is that it has to be something you love and enjoy to get maximum benefits.

Look at the life of a midwife; this is one person who has no definite schedule since it is a job that has so many emergencies.

Have you thought of playing table tennis as you wait for the next emergency case within the midwife hostels? This is a game that has many health benefits that complement the life of a midwife. It will not jeopardize the midwifery work instead it will enhance his/her productivity. There are many physical and mental health benefits one achieves when playing table tennis. Some of them include

  • Boosts one’s acuity
  • Burns calories for it is a workout
  • Enhance team building as well as the social skills
  • Improves one coordination for both the eyes and the hands
  • Sharpens one brain
  • Takes care of the body reflexes

There are many challenges that a midwife goes through in the process of bringing life. Every birth is a new experience. It means that the midwife has to have a sharp brain to make a prompt decision since any small negligence can be fatal.

Playing table tennis complements hand and eye coordination that is very important when it comes to coordination of the birth process. You have to guide the woman to use pressure and strength to make sure they have a successful birth.

At the end of all these work-related stresses, they need to play tennis to relax the body and mind; Table tennis is a brain game which means that they can get better sleep to start a new day with freshness.

There is a lot of reflex action that tale place in the childbirth process. These reflexes are enhanced while playing table tennis. The midwife understands the correct position to hit or receive the ball to get a win or avoid a fall. This is something that you learn as a result of the repetitive activity that you do both at work and your past time activity.

When mentioning the benefits of table tennis you cannot fail to mention the high level of concentration associated with this game. This is a virtue that complements their work. It is one job that you cannot do when you are absent-minded or you have not put all your energy and concentration. Table tennis is a brain game that uses the hand and eye to make sure you get the best out of it.

Are you a midwife and struggle on the best past time that also acts as a workout activity? Do you want a game that will not take you away from your workplace but still gives you the chance to live a balanced life? If yes to all these questions then you cannot go wrong with ping pong.

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