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Well, Table Tennis is a sport played widely around the world. To follow up every match is quite impossible; there are different magazines and follow up blogs that keep the viewers updated. International Table Tennis Federation has introduced a magazine named Table Tennis Illustrated in a matter of four times a year. It consists of 60 pages per story, some thrilling pictures, and headlines from top-notch players. The primary purpose of these kinds of magazines is to introduce upcoming top player and experienced player in such a manner that it keeps the game fun and fans up to date. There are some modifications made to 50 Table Tennis Illustrated’ as now the International Table Tennis Federation is looking to enhance their publications and focus would be more on Table Tennis marketing and promotion.

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It is said to have ITTF discontinued aCITable Tennis Illustrated’ instead they have introduced 90 Table Tennis Fascination’ which has been printed in 5 other languages covering all the major ongoing and past events. Magazine which holds immense popularity among people of US is o USA Table Tennis’. USATT the governing body of all the sports in the USA releases this magazine that is the only Table Tennis magazine. BU USA Table Tennis’ has been in existence since 1970 and has large freelance community writing stories and bring the life to Table Tennis.

It has been reported to be published six times a year due to its unique content and styles that attract the readers. Its content not only targets Native Americans but it has every bit of news to keep the interest of readers like Immigrants from Europe and Asia. The content of USA Table Tennis’ mainly includes official rankings, all-ins, and outs of the game. Most importantly official announcement from Table Tennis board with the schedule of big tournaments and fixtures as well. If you want every bit of detail it’s the place for you It gives you headlines about the top players of every age and their skill/traits comparison in the game.

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And an adequate grip to enhance gameplay. Here are a couple of options for athlete moms as the best choice for them. Killerspin’s 517Jet Series Ping Pong’ paddles are one of the powerful rackets, as it is indeed made for beginners, intermediate and professional players. Their lightweight ranks them top of the list as it can be quickly moved around increases the game performance.

Especially in case of mothers who can have maximized performance with its less spin but rhythm to keep the game going. Its affordable price makes it an all-around good deal. Ping pong racket that makes it an excellent choice for moms who had not enough time to play on the regular basis but breaks the shackles on weekends. It is named as al7Moms ping pong paddle’ and its crafted design advances and produces beautiful experience. It is a racket for casual players, but it is made with six layers of wood and us durable. Light weightiness and a super rubber grip make these paddles another good choice for mother athletes, and it can be found in of these magazines mentioned above. aCITable Tennis illustrated‘ and USA Table Tennis’ definitely has some advertisements regarding these ping pong paddles.