My name is Malo Woshto. I am 27 years old. I live in Doiso kebele of Malle District in South Omo, Ethiopia.

I have four children. I gave birth to the youngest three days ago. We have not named him yet – he will get a name when he begins to walk. When I was pregnant, Almaz, the Health Extension Worker, came often to see me and to check how my pregnancy was progressing. She told me to send for her when the labour pains began, but I did not because a woman who gives birth on her own is respected.

Almaz came to visit the day after the baby was born. She told me to go to the health centre because I was bleeding. It is now three days and I am still bleeding. I feel very weak. I would like to go to the health centre but I cannot go on my own. I have no money to pay for the services. My husband is away looking for food. I do not even have milk in my breasts for the new baby. I hope he will come back today so that he can bring us food and take me to the health centre."